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The Nexus Platform™

This platform is meant to be efficient and easy to use in both cities and rural areas. You only need a flat surface of around 10ft x 8ft, access to water and electricity (inquire about or ‘off-grid’ solutions).  



Once you prepare your location, you can plug in the system and start growing fresh produce year-round using less space, water, and harmful chemicals than traditional agriculture methods.

Benefits to your community

Promote Healthy Diets & Food Security

Platforms are specifically designed to grow fresh and high-quality harvests, promoting local food security measures, and reduce reliance on unsustainable practices.

Generate new local economic opportunities

Platforms can help stimulate local economies by facilitating year-round crop sales, generating new revenue streams and opportunities for new 'green jobs' creation.

Community engagement

Platforms can serve as community centers, fostering local engagement. Vertical Farming can also spark local interest in sustainable agriculture, technologies.

Enviromental Stewardship

Vertical farming requires less water and land than traditional farming methods. Also, by growing locally, emissions associated with food miles reduced (Our 'Off-Grid' options can further reduce the emissions footprint associated with energy depending on your location)

Bespoke vertical & Urban farming solutions

Turn empty spaces into productive farms. We offer customized solutions and support for transforming underutilized spaces. From planning to managing the farms, we provide solutions for you every step of the way.


Transform your:

  • Old warehouses or retired shopping spaces
  • Offices & Underused Office Buildings
  • Vacant lots
  • Empty School or Community Center spaces
  • Neighborhood Spaces & More

Embark on your journey generating positive social and business outcomes through the future of vertical and urban farming

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